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What Is Matchmaking Kundli (Matchmaking Horoscope)?

Kundali Matching is an old tradition in Hindus which is done at the time of marriage. Kundali is based on planetary position at the time and date of birth so it is a true picture of past, present and future. It is said that result of kundali matching should be more than 18. People take advice of astrologer for kundali matching, Gun- Dosh Matching, Manglik solution.

According to Shastras there should be minimum 18 out of 36 guns matching is required for a successful or happy marriage life otherwise it can result in husband wife disputes. But we can see most of couples have conflicts in spite of more than 30 Gun matching. Thus, Lagna matching, Rashi Matching, Matching of seventh house of kundali is also important as far as happy marriage life is concern. Kundali matching can also be used at the time of business or other partnerships to avoid any conflict or dispute between the two partners.


Gun Milan

  • The total score for Guna Milan is 36, and depending upon the score that the couple gets its decided whether it’s an ideal match or not.

Detail Kundli Milan/Gun Milan

  • If the couple scores less than 18 Guna Milan points, the marriage is off the table. This is not considered an ideal situation and as per the astrology behind Kundli Matching, if marriage happens in this case, it is likely to break off, or the couple would have major ideological differences.

Perfect Matchmaking

  • In case of 18 to 24 Guna Milan points, the matrimony is deemed acceptable as per the standards set by Horoscope Matching and the families can proceed.

24 to 32 Gun Milan

  • A score of 24 to 32 Guna Milan Points is considered an amazing match. The marriage between these two would stand the test of time and would be able to face any dartball thrown their way!

32 To 36 Gun Milan

  • If the score obtained is between 32 to 36 Guna Milan Points, the pairing is excellent. The couple would get along extremely well, just like a house on fire! This is the most auspicious pairing, which would always result in an amazing conjugal life!

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Marriage is a true relation and it is a lifetime bond of love so help of astrological expert is essential in kundali matching. You can take the benefit of astrological or kundali matching consultancy of Best Astrologer in India is specialist in vedic astrology and many of his clients are happy with their loving marriage life. He can guide you about gun- dosh, manglik vichar, manglik solution, lagna and rashi matching and his deep knowledge of horoscope will also beneficial for you to make a happy marriage life.

Bhagya Kund Matchmaking Kundli

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