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What Is Lal Kitab Kundli (Lal Kitab Horoscope)?

Lal Kitab is basically a book of Astrology in which has given a different story of Vedic astrology in different ways. It is mainly made in the words of Urdu and not in the verses of Sanskrit. As per Vedic astrology, in Lal Kitab, each quote is considered as a permanent master planet and all the astrological calculations are based on that only. In this there is Aries zodiac sign in the first house, Taurus amount to the second house and similarly 12 quarters have been arranged and the result is calculated on the basis of exact location factor of each planet of each house. The characteristic of the Lal Kitab is that it has given such measures which are very easy in the form of sorcery and tricks and a normal person can get rid of these defects by doing these Lal Kitab remedies.


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Lal Kitab is an astrological treaty full of mysticism. It contains profound insight into astrology, palmistry and Vastu. Lal Kitab is said to be written in an old dialect of Urdu by Pt. Rupchand Joshi, and it consists of various verses in poetic demeanor. Lal Kitab comprises of sheer magnitude of astrological profundity behind the veils of ambiguity. It requires an astute and penetrating astrological understanding to decode it.
Those who understand Lal Kitab proclaim it to be the key of all worldly problems and sufferings. Lal Kitab remedies are very powerful and agile, pertaining to modern times when people are occupied with various problems and they lack time. These remedies figure out Achilles’ heel and thus, are able to heal your physical, mental and economical problems quickly. If you want to get your problem resolved quickly using Lal Kitab remedies, ask our insightful astrologers.​

Bhagya Kund Lal Kitab Kundli

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