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What Is Health Kundli (Health Horoscope)?

Since ancient times, astrology and the horoscope have been used to track health problems and find ways to solve them. It is usually called medical astrology, or with a traditional term Iatromathematics (the math of curing). Your horoscope gives several clues to your health and what you might do to improve problems you may have with it.


Remedy your problems

Get reliable solutions and remedies for your Health related problems.

Personalised Report

Get your personalised report based on your natal chart by expert astrologers.

Analysis of the Prime House

Careful analysis of the prime house of health in your horoscope.

Health Aspect Analysis

eep study of all the transits that are likely to cast an influence on the health aspect.

Get Report via Email

Easy, economic and fast. Email is the fastest mode of sharing your report with you.

(Delivery By Email In 72Hrs working hrs)
Price: ₹ 351
  • It reveals the exact situation of health in your life.

  • Highly accurate analysis, cautions you for suspected ailments.

  • One can make required dietary changes, well in advance.

  • Life long transit of Jupiter is analyzed for calculating the strength of its protective umbrella on your health.

  • Movements of malefics, are analyzed for their ill effects on health.

  • Accordingly, powerful remedies are provided to ensure an overall good health for life.

Bhagya Kund Health Kundli

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