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What Is Career Counseling Kundli (Career Horoscope)?

A career horoscope seeks to help people to find a role or career path best suited to them, by identifying the key characteristics associated with their star sign and how these might translate into the workplace. When most people think of their star sign, they are referring to sun sign astrology, which considers the position of the sun in one of twelve zodiac signs at the time of their birth. This is the simplest form of astrology and the one on which newspaper horoscopes are generally based. It is what we will be using for our career horoscopes later in this article.


Prospects of Career Counselling Report

Know detailed information about best career opportunities

Career Predictions & Choices

Get Career insights to know favorable career options in your Kundli

Personalized Career Report

Get your personalized report based on Kundli prepared by best experts.

Get your Report via Email

Important periods for Marriage, Finance, Health, Children, Property & Family

Most Comprehensive Lal Kitab Report

Lal Kitab Kundli & Remedies, Debt, Teva Type, Varsh Charts & More

Detailed Stellar Astrology - Nakshtra Nadi

KP, KCIL, Cuspal Interlinks, 4-Step & many other advanced systems

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Price: ₹ 551

The Bhagya Kund Career Counselling Kundli is the most comprehensive report available on this topic. This report will recommend the following to you -

  • Your personality type

  • Career Group for your personality

  • Recommended Job Options in the Career Group

  • Job Options for Your Dominant And Subdominant Type

  • Suggestions on How To Pursue Your Career & Other Details On Your RIASEC type


One of the most important questions of life is: What career should I pursue? Bhagyakund is here with the instant solution to all your woes. This report will determine your RIASEC personality type based on your kundali, from the birth details you provide. Relying on these details, you will then receive the top career sector that suits you. This means that based on your personality type; you will receive recommendations on which career domain you should step in, as well as which jobs (career options), will be best suited for you.

The comprehensive list that you receive will enumerate every job option that you can make a career in. Moreover, the report also enlists the job options most appropriate for you, as per the combination of your dominant and subdominant type. Unlike most career counselling reports, CogniAstro Career Counselling Professional Report provides you with numerous options to choose from. Thus, you have an entire roster on the jobs and sectors that you will progress in. Now, not only do you get the chance to work in the field that you will thrive in, but you will also get to choose an option which you will actually enjoy. All you have to do is read the report, and you have the answer to all your questions in one place.

Bhagya Kund Career Counseling Kundli

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